Why Choose RoboTool?

RoboTool provides you with a comprehensive solution where we are responsible for the whole technological process, from concept and design to production and running-in. RoboTool conducts the preliminary examinations which are necessary for determining whether automation would be profitable. Our thoroughly prepared design specifications then ensure that you are kept up to date during the whole process of development and production of robotic tools and software.


Vast Experience

RoboTool has been working on the development and implementation of industrial robots since the robot made its first baby steps in Denmark. Today, there are more than 100 robot-based installations with tools and applications developed by RoboTool in operation in Denmark’s industrial enterprises. Our partnership with ABB and Güdel simultaneously enables us to deliver robots from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and thereby guarantee both high quality and impeccable operational reliability.

It is of paramount importance for us to develop robotic solutions in close cooperation with our customers so that they can take optimum advantage of the technology. This is why consulting and training of employees is often a natural part of our product deliveries.


An Acclaimed Supplier

RoboTool has built up a vast expertise over the years and develops robot-based solutions in more or less all types of industrial enterprises. It is now also an acclaimed supplier of solutions to the food and pharmaceutical industry. We take pride in our list of references that includes some of Denmark's largest and most innovative companies.

RoboTool is a company which purposefully follows its mission to be among the leading companies on the market of robot-based automation: an ambitious and innovative goal that has been extremely beneficial for our customers

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