About RoboTool

RoboTool A/S is headquartered in Vejen and has been actively working on the development and production of robot-based solutions for industrial production processes since 1997. The company now offers these solutions to the Food and Pharma industry, too.


Our robotic solutions are primarily based on free-arm robots and gantry robots from two of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial robots, ABB and Güdel. We are a currently a partner of ABB and an importer and integrator of Güdel robots in Denmark. Our 15 employees have competencies covering the whole technological process, from concept development and project management, through advanced programming tasks, all the way to the more craftsman-like types of expertise required during the production of the robotic tools and the testing and implementation of complete solutions involving robotic technology.

RoboTool’s mission is to constantly be at the cutting edge of development of robotic technology solutions, in close cooperation with and for the benefit of our customers. RoboTool nowadays accounts for more than 100 robotic solutions implemented in Danish industrial enterprises, from very small companies to some of the largest Danish industrial groups.


 Our Vision

Our vision is to create an international company that offers automation solutions based on robotic technology to customers all over Europe. This can happen through different forms of partnerships provided that they do not erode our core values. RoboTool should namely continue to be not only a company with big technological competencies, but also a company where the mindset is that the best solution is the simplest solution and where we always seek to solve problems at the lowest level, both technologically and organisationally

Last but not least, RoboTool and its employees are constantly striving to work in accordance with the company’s motto: “We do what we say and we say what we do.”


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