RoboTool and Robots

RoboTool has a vast experience in working with robots. We have integrated more than 100 robots in diverse automation solutions and have experience with all better-known robot brands.

We are a currently a partner of ABB and an importer and integrator of Güdel robots in Denmark. These products enable RoboTool to guarantee both high quality and supreme operational reliability.

Solution Options

Gantry Robots

Gantry robots solve tasks requiring great range or high lifting capacity. The robots can lift a weight of up to 2,500 kg.

More about  Gantry robots.

Additional options

In addition to gantry and free-arm robots, we also work with other types of robots, for example, 6 and 4-axis robots and flex pickers.


Free-Arm Robots

Free-arm robots are very flexible and, given the right tools, can perform even the most difficult processes by themselves. Both 4 and 6-axis robots are available.

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