Güdel Gantry Robots

Gantry robots are unbelievably usable when you need a long range or heavy lifting. The systems are very flexible and can be adapted to more or less all needs.


Opportunities Offered by Gantry Robots

- Order-based palletising in more than 30 pallet spaces
- Mixing of products
- Handling of large steel plates

Tasks Performed with Gantry Robots

We provide a comprehensive solution which is tailored to the respective production and coordinate with any other suppliers who may affect the project in any way. RoboTool is therefore responsible for requirement specification and design, production and assembly of mechanical and electrical parts, programming and running-in, delivery and training, as well as documentation and CE marking.

Since the robots run on rails above the floor, this also gives great advantages in terms of layout as it allows the utilisation of the whole floor area under the robot. Gantry robots can be operated from a robot controller or from a Siemens PLC.