Our Partners

We at RoboTool attach great importance to both loyalty and quality and are therefore proud of being partners with companies such as Swedish ABB and Swiss Güdel.

RoboTool is an established partner of ABB, which is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots in the world. The reason why RoboTool has specialised in ABB’s robots and programming is that ABB’s products offer many opportunities for the provision of comprehensive solutions in all industries.

RoboTool is an importer and integrator of linear and gantry robots from the Swiss Güdel Group. These robotic systems can be programmed for both an ABB robot controller and a Siemens PLC controller.


We are currently partners with ABB and therefore use primarily ABB robots in our solutions. We have opted for ABB as we consider them to be among the leading robot suppliers in the world. ABB has a big product range and their robots cover practically all possible needs. See more about ABB.


We have been an importer of Güdel in Denmark since 2007. Güdel are world-famous for their reliable gantry robots and have offices in most of the world. See more about Güdel.

However, RoboTool also has experience and expertise in other robot brands and their programming opportunities so it is therefore up to the customers to choose a brand of their own preference.

In addition to ABB robots, RoboTool is capable of delivering robots of the following brands: Motoman, Kawasaki, Fanuc and Kuka.