Food and pharma 

RoboTool fully lives up to the very high requirements the food and pharmaceutical industry places on robot and machinery suppliers. RoboTool has supplied robotic technology to some of the largest food and pharmaceutical companies in Denmark. We know what is needed for delivering an installation that meets the requirements for both quality and profitability.

Denmark stands strong in the production of both food and pharmaceuticals on the world market. And we keep this leading position year after year because these two sectors keep thinking innovatively – both when it comes to product development and refinement and to production optimisation.

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Robotic technology is the right solution for processes that place extremely high requirements on hygiene. These requirements apply all the way from the production phase to packaging and palletising. This is why it is of paramount importance to choose a supplier with documented experience in the production of robotic tools. RoboTool has been supplying robotic tools to the pharmaceutical and food industry, including to companies such as Novo Nordisk and Arla Foods, for several years now, with a focus on efficiency and hygiene, as well as on operational reliability and working environment.

Palletizing of bags with frozen rice and pasta
Company: Danrice A/S

Transportation of blood samples
Company: Gentofte Hospital

Depalletizing of trays for eggs
Company: Brødrene Hartmann A/S

Depalletizing of bottles
Company: Coro Food A/S

Handling of boxes in Case Carts
Company: Sterilcentralen Esbjerg, prototype

Packaging of fishing pills with 4 robots
Company: Probio ASA

Packaging and palletizing of sauces/dressings
Company: Orkla Foods Danmark - Bähncke

Palletizing of trays for eggs
Company: Brødrene Hartmann A/S

Handling of plastic boxes
Company: Arla Food A/S