Turnkey Solutions

RoboTool’s solutions often comprise a combination of robots, tools and software. These parts are central and vital elements in RoboTool’s Turnkey Solutions.


RoboTool is an official partner of both ABB and Güdel, which are among the leading manufacturers of industrial robots in the world. ABB’s products enable us to offer 4 or 6-axis free-arm robots. If you prefer an alternative robot brand, this is also possible since we have experience and expertise in the development of both tools and software for these. The cooperation with Güdel allows us to deliver linear and gantry robots.


Testing and In-House Development

RoboTool is responsible for the development of the robotic tools and software in its own development departments and workshops. All installations are thoroughly tested at RoboTool prior to delivery and consulting and training of the company’s employees is often part of the comprehensive solution.

We use only quality products and thoroughly tested robotic tools and software in our Turnkey Solutions, which naturally also comprise follow-up and service.


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