Metal and Industry

After delivering many diverse robotic solutions over the years, RoboTool has developed extensive competencies in the area of industrial automation. Robotic technology is the solution for realising efficiency improvements in industrial production. RoboTool’s tools and software do not give the customer only product optimisation and higher profitability but also quality assurance in the form of 100% uniformity of all manufactured elements.


At the same time, RoboTool’s robotic solutions for metal working and industrial production bring a clear improvement to the working environment as the monotonous, dirty and physically demanding work is increasingly being taken over by the robots. This applies to a multitude of production tasks involving sawing, milling, grinding and lacquering, as well as packaging and palletising of the ready produce.

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RoboTool is Denmark’s leading robotic company when it comes to robotic tools for grinding, milling and lacquering. Our patented wood lacquering installations are often integrated with larger production plants but can also be supplied as a separate production unit.

Manufacturing of solenoids
Company: Danfoss A/S

Chamfering of steel parts
Company: Brdr. Markussens Metalvarefabrik

Tending of CNC manufacturing center no. 2
Company: AC Hydraulic A/S

Palletizing of paint buckets
Company: Teknos A/S

Tending of industrial washing machine
Company: Novo Nordisk A/S

Cutting of wires
Company: Danfoss A/S

Tending of CNC manufacturing center no. 1
Company: AC Hydraulic A/S

Grinding of trains for OL 2012
Company: Sapa Profiler A/S

Order handling and palletizing
Company: Kamstrup A/S

Handling of wheels
Company: GKN Wheels Nagbøl A/S