Films about reference projects

Here you can see an overview of the films, which presents the solutions from some of our customers.


Film 16 - Transportation of blood samples
Company: Gentofte Hospital

Film 17 - Tending of industrial washing machine
Company: Novo Nordisk A/S

Film 18 - Handling of plastic boxes
Company: Arla Food A/S

Film 19 - Chamfering of steel parts
Company: Brdr. Markussens Metalvarefabrik A/S

Film 20 - Handling of boxes in Case Carts
Company: Sterilcentralen Esbjerg, prototype

Film 21 - Grinding of CoreStore
Company: Implast A/S

Film 22 - Sanding and painting of edges
Company: HTH Køkkener A/S

Film 23 - Automatic biobank for samples
CryoBotic Biobank by RoboTool, prototype


Film 24 - Packaging and palletizing of
sauces and dressings

Company: Orkla Foods Danmark - Bähncke

Film 25 - Handling of wheels
Company: GKN Wheels Nagbøl A/S

Film 26 - Palletizing of schrimps offshore
Company: Ocean Prawns A/S

Film 27 - Depalletizing of bottles
Company: CO-RO A/S

Film 28 - Handling of soup
Company: Tulip Food Company A/S 

Film 29 - Palletizing of paint 
Company: Nowocoat Industrial A/S 

Film 32 - Packing of bags with frozen bacterial cultures
Company: Chr. Hansen A/S