This is How We Work

We at RoboTool consider the robot itself to be only a component in a comprehensive solution aimed at optimising the customer’s manufacturing or processing processes.



A project usually starts with an assessment of which manual work processes can beneficially be replaced by robotic technology performed by a technically trained salesperson from RoboTool. RoboTool simultaneously provides assistance with the calculation and analysis of the payback period of an investment in robotic technology.

We then formulate, in cooperation with the customer, the tasks that RoboTool’s robotic tools are supposed to perform. We investigate how the running-in of the new industrial robot can be adapted in the best way possible to the company’s production, planning and organisation and need for employee training.


Design Specifications

When we sign a contract, the first thing RoboTool's project team does is prepare a design specification which serves as a supplement to this contract. This specification includes 3D drawings of the new robotic tool and a technical specification – documentation that other manufacturers provide first after the delivery of the industrial installation. This provides a unique opportunity for implementing minor adjustments before the robotic tools and software are put into production.

The design manual simultaneously contains a complete overview of all delivery deadlines and testing periods, thereby enabling the customers to plan their production in accordance with the date on which the installation can finally be put into operation.


Testing and Running-In

When RoboTool’s employees produce and program robotic tools in order to finally assemble all elements into a complete installation, our high professional competencies are complemented with values such as respect and orderly conduct. All installations are run in and tested at RoboTool before they are set up at the customer so that the final assembly and running-in causes only a minor production disturbance to the customer.