Just like all other manufacturing plants, robots and robotic tools require maintenance. We strongly recommend preventive maintenance which will help you avoid costly production stoppages and will minimise the wear of the installation.


Individual Service Agreements

Service agreements are formulated at several different levels, depending on your specific need. A service agreement with RoboTool ensures systematic maintenance of your robotic installations, be it of the robot itself or of the robotic tool, and enables you to perform software updates.


Service Matching Your Company

Preventive maintenance minimises the wear of your robotic production facility and simultaneously contributes to reducing breakdowns and production stoppages to the absolute minimum. The profitability of an industrial robot is based on its ability to produce or process a very large number of units within a short period of time. This is exactly the reason why a production stoppage may be rather costly since a breakdown in one segment usually affects the flow of the rest of the production. The same RoboTool fitter typically performs the service and maintenance inspections of the same production plant at all agreed intervals. This contributes to a good dialogue and experience sharing between RoboTool’s fitter and those of your employees who operate the installation on a daily basis.


24-Hour Hotline

In order to reduce the effect of a possible production stoppage to the absolute minimum, RoboTool has developed a complete service package. By opting for a complete service package, you will no longer need to think of the maintenance of your robots or their tools. The service package namely comprises preventive maintenance of the whole installation. You are also covered by RoboTool’s hotline and therefore have access to RoboTool’s technical expertise 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact us for more information.


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