Wood and Plastics

The reason why the Danish furniture industry is known all over the world is not only because of its beautiful design but also because of the quality of fabrication, which is perfect to the smallest detail possible. The same applies to the multitude of wood products such as, for example, the exclusive B&W speakers which look almost like sculptures in the living room.

RoboTool’s first projects ever were delivered to the wood industry. We have since solved a number of robotic problems for the wood and plastics industry, including for the world-famous B&W speaker factory. Robots equipped with RoboTool’s tools and software are namely capable of meeting the very high requirements for uniformity, quality and finish placed by these two industries. quality and finish.

Pictures of Wood and Plastics Solutions

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RoboTool is Denmark’s leading robotic company when it comes to robotic solutions for grinding, milling and lacquering. Our patented wood lacquering installations are often integrated with larger production plants but can also be supplied as a separate production unit.


Handling of plywood no. 1
Company: Frøslev Træ A/S

Grinding of CoreStore
Company: Implast A/S

Machine tending and milling of loudspeaker
Company: Formpress A/S

Handling of plywood no. 2
Company: Frøslev Træ A/S

Sanding and painting of edges
Company: HTH Køkkener A/S