What we’re doing

With RoboTool you get a complete solution where we complete the entire process from idea and design to manufacture and commissioning. RoboTool conducts the feasibility studies needed to determine whether automation will be profitable. Then our elaborate design specification ensures that you are up to date on the entire process of developing and manufacturing robotic tools and software.

Great experience

RoboTool has been working on the development and implementation of industrial robots since the robots first took up residence in Denmark. Today, there are more than 100 robot-based operations in Danish industrial companies, where RoboTool has developed tools and applications.

As partners under ABB and Güdel, we are also able to supply robots from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and can thus guarantee a high quality and reliability. It is of utmost importance to us that robotic solutions be developed in close cooperation with our customers so that they can make the most of the technology. Therefore, consulting and training of employees are often included as natural elements in a delivery.

A recognized supplier

RoboTool has over the years increased its expertise and stands for robotic-based solutions in virtually all types of industrial companies and is also today recognized as a supplier of solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

We allow ourselves to be a little proud of a reference list that counts some of Denmark’s largest and most innovative companies. RoboTool is a company that is purposefully pursuing a mission to be one of the market leaders when it comes to automation using robotic technology: an ambitious and innovative objective that our customers benefit greatly from.

See our reference list here

Our robots

We have several different robotic forms that make us very flexible and we can therefore help many industries with optimization and automation using robotic technology.

Gantry robots

Gantry robots are incredibly useful when long range or heavy lifting is required. The systems are very flexible and can be adapted to almost any need.


Flex-picker is a relatively small industrial robot, especially suitable for the food industry, where items such as cakes or meat products need to be lifted, moved and packed.

Palletizing robots

Palletizing robots are only equipped with four movable joints and are particularly well suited to the robotic solutions that RoboTool has implemented in terms of palletizing and palletizing.

Free-arm robots

Free-arm robots can be used for virtually any process. There are not many manual tasks that cannot be replaced by a free-arm robot with the right tool.

6-axis robots

6-axis free-arm robots have, as the name suggests, 6 flexible shafts, which gives great flexibility in relation to the tasks the robot has to perform. For example, in a grinding process where both need to be sawed, milled, sanded and polished.