10 good reasons to choose Robotool

A skilled and reliable partner can be the deciding factor for the success of robotic solutions. Here are 10 good reasons to choose RoboTool for your next project.

Deal with some of the world’s best industrial robots

RoboTool is a partner for ABB, one of the world’s leading industrial robots. ABB’s free-arm robots offer many opportunities for total solutions in all industries. RoboTool is also an importer of linear and Gantry robots from the Swiss Güdel group. With ABB and Güdel products, RoboTool can guarantee high quality and reliability.

With us, innovation is a motivation

At RoboTool it is not just a job, but almost a sport to create new robot-based solutions. That is why RoboTool is among the leading companies in robotics technology and is clearly at the forefront of very cumbersome and advanced processors such as grinding, polishing and polishing.

Develops and manufactures unique robotic tools

No two robotic tools are alike, and new software must be programmed for each project. Strong professional skills and many years of experience lie behind when RoboTool’s employees manufacture robotic tools and programs to eventually assemble all elements into a complete system.

We work closely with the customer

It is of utmost importance to us that robotic solutions be developed in close cooperation with our customers so that they can make the most of the technology. Therefore, consulting and training of employees are often included as natural elements in a delivery.

Advisor on opportunities with robotics technology

RoboTools assesses which manual work processes can be advantageously taken over by robotics. Then, in collaboration with the customer, we formulate the tasks that RoboTool’s robotic tools must perform. During this process, we will examine how the commissioning of the new industrial robot is best adapted to the company’s production, planning and organization.

We analyze the economics of robot projects

RoboTool is very happy to assist in calculating and analyzing the payback time of an investment in robotic technology. The greater the coating on the robot, the more profitable the investment. Often, the robotic solution is home in just a year.

Prepares design specification so the customer can follow the process

RoboTool’s project team always draws up a design specification with 3D drawings of the new robotic tool and technical specifications as a supplement to the contract. Here you also get a complete overview of delivery deadlines and test periods, so that you can plan your production according to when the plant can be put to final use.

All plants are tested before delivery to the customer

RoboTool manufactures the robot tools in its own workshop, where the employees also utilize their skills in the design of boards, as well as PLC, servo and robot programming. All systems are run-in and tested at RoboTool before being installed at the customer, so that the final installation and run-in will only result in minimal disruption to the customer’s production.

Good service agreements, including a 24 hour hotline

To reduce the impact of any downtime as much as possible, RoboTool has developed a complete service package. You do not have to think about the maintenance of your robots or their tools, as the service package includes preventative maintenance of the entire system. Furthermore, you are covered by the hotline and thus have access to RoboTool’s technical expertise around the clock – for 365 days a year.

Always finish things up

RoboTool has over the years developed robotic technology solutions in virtually all types of industrial companies and is also today recognized as a supplier of solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry. This is largely due to our Turn Key solutions that include not only technical know-how and quality equipment, but also employee training, follow-up and service.