Robots and robotic tools, just like any other production facility, require maintenance, and it is recommended to do preventive maintenance here. Thus, the customer often avoids costly downtime and preventative maintenance minimizes system wear.

Individual service agreements

Service agreements are built on several levels, depending on your specific needs. With a service agreement with RoboTool, you are certain that systematic maintenance of your robotic technology systems will be carried out. Be it the robot itself, the robot tool and the possibility of updating our software.

Service that matches your business

Preventive maintenance minimizes wear and tear on your robotic technology production plant and at the same time minimizes crashes and thus downtime. The profitability of an industrial robot lies in the fact that it manufactures or processes a very large number of items in a short time.

This is precisely why a downtime can be quite costly, because the breakdown in one section usually affects the flow in the rest of the production. It will often be the same RoboTool installer who performs inspections and maintenance at the same production plants and at the agreed intervals. This creates a good dialogue and exchange of experience between the employee from RoboTool and those of your employees who operate the plant on a daily basis.

24 hour hotline

To reduce the impact of any downtime as much as possible, RoboTool has developed a complete service package. With a complete service package, you no longer have to think about maintaining your robots or their tools. The service package includes preventive maintenance of the entire system. Furthermore, you are covered by the hotline and thus have access to RoboTool’s technical expertise around the clock – for 365 days a year. Contact us for more information.