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Automating robot technology

RoboTool is a Danish company engaged in the development and sale of robotic technology. RoboTool has high-level technological expertise that, together with many years of experience, enables us to solve even the most difficult tasks.

Whether using robotic tools and software in production, machining or handling issues, we have a project team that is not only capable of solving the current task and thus increasing the profitability of your business.

RoboTool also delivers the future-proof solution based on the motto: “We do what we say and we say what we do”.

"At RoboTool we get the most for our money. My experience is that they come up with really good presentations and have well-functioning project management from development to manufacturing to commissioning. They have a good and straightforward approach to things. It is not a big house where you must hit a lot of coal to get through. Also, they don't leave a job until it's all working. If there's a problem, it gets fixed. They're not the cheapest, but they're the best. RoboTool is - in short - very skilled."

Lars Lindblad, Head of External Tool Manufacturing, Inter Primo A/S


We know what it takes

At RoboTool, we fully live up to the very high demands of the food and pharmaceutical industry for suppliers of robots and machines. RoboTool has supplied robotic technology to some of the largest food and pharma companies in Denmark. We know what it takes to deliver a plant that unites the requirements for quality and profitability.

Palletizing of frozen rice and pasta
Customer: Danrice A / S

Packing of fish oil pills with 4 robots
Customer: Probio ASA

Transporting blood samples
Customer: Gentofte Hospital

Packing and palletizing of sauces and dressings
Customer: Orkla Foods Denmark – Bähncke

Depletion of egg trays
Customer: Brødrene Hartmann A / S

Palletizing of egg trays
Customer: Brødrene Hartmann A / S

Handling boxes in Case Carts
Customer: Sterilcentralen Esbjerg, prototype

Handling of plastic boxes
Customer: Arla Food A / S

Metal Industry

A boon for the working environment
RoboTool’s robotic solutions in metalworking and industrial production have been a benefit for the working environment because the robots are increasingly taking on the monotonous, dirty and physically stressful work. This applies from production tasks with sawing, milling, grinding and varnishing to packaging and palletizing of the finished products.

Manufacture of coils
Customer: Danfoss A / S

Cutting thread
Customer: Danfoss A / S

Edge milling of metal parts
Customer: Brdr. Markussens Metalvarefabrik A / S

CNC Machine Operation 1
Customer: AC Hydraulic A / S

Machine operation of CNC machine 2
Customer: AC Hydraulic A / S

Grinding of train sides for the 2012 Olympics
Customer: Sapa Profiler A / S

Order management and palletizing
Customer: Kamstrup A / S

Machine operation of industrial washing machine
Customer: Novo Nordisk A / S

Handling of rims
Customer: GKN Wheels Nagbøl A / S


Uniformity, quality and finish
RoboTool’s first projects were delivered to the timber industry, and we have since solved a series of robotic-technology issues for the timber and plastics industry, including the world-renowned speaker factory. Robots equipped with tools and software from RoboTool are able to meet the very high requirements for uniformity, quality and finish.

Handling of plywood 1

Customer: Frøslev Træ A / S

Handling of plywood 2
Customer: Frøslev Træ A / S

Palletizing buckets with paint
Customer: Teknos A / S

Grinding CoreStone countertops
Customer: Implast A / S

Stack grinding and edge painting
Customer: HTH Kitchen A / S

Machine operation and milling of B&W speaker
Customer: Formpress A / S

Material for

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