Robotool – Core narrative

We are passionate about providing solutions in robot technology and automation.
We work with the industry, where high reliability and precision are essential.

We strive to be an active part of the industrial development of society. Our customers must be able to feel this in our innovation and flexibility.

It is necessary that our customers have the best possible basis,
for their daily production and operation.

That is why we always install, test, optimize and service ours
solutions, with deep respect for our customers’ business.

We develop together with our customers and their challenges.
And we solve them.

In other words, we love to “crack the nut” and we do not go until it works 100%.

To be able to deliver stably and innovatively, it requires deep professionalism and curiosity. But not least, a well-knit team.

That is why the atmosphere and togetherness between our employees is especially necessary for us.

A team spirit that develops us and makes us a little better – every day.

We believe a strong team spirit is contagious and provides value. Or as we say, once you have been deleted by our family, you will want to stay here for many years.

This applies to both our employees and our customers.

Welcome to RoboTool.